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The Connections We Make

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about our connections. About how the connections we make shape our lives and make us who we are. We connect to our family members forming unique and unbreakable bonds. Connections with our friends are different, but no less important to us. Then there is the connection we make with nature. We are connected to nature anyway. But everyone has their own personal way of connecting to the natural world.

So I was inspired to put this kit together. It’s my second foray into kit design and I enjoyed it very much! Creating anything is a personal thing and in a way, it feels exposing to share it publicly. But I am really hoping that you will relate to my idea of connecting, and be inspired to create with these designs. Please do share your layouts with me on Instagram if you are. I would love to see how you’ve interpreted this kit.

I also have a new pack of templates in store. White Space Love is a pack based on my love of a minimalist, white space layout. Details in side bar.

Thank you, as always, for reading 🙂


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